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Straight Fronts

If you are a treat trainer, you know, most people teach dogs to sit in front. Then, when people move to obedience training, we work so hard on those sits at heel that our nice pretty fronts get lost. This was a big problem with my current 5 month old puppy Blaze.

Here are some ways that I am fixing our crooked fronts and getting some nice straight fronts.

Hallways and Cabinets!

These are your friend! If your dog tends to lean to the left, then have the cabinet on your left. Ask for that sit, and guess what – their rear end is going to hit the wall. This is good for backing up and asking for sits.

Box Work

I’m a huge fan of boxes for dog training. I haven’t ever really used them before but had seen other trainers using them. The first step with this is getting your dog used to the box – or standing on the box. Then you can work on that great sit, feeding the reward with BOTH hands right in front of your body. This not only helps their straightness, but also their closeness. Make sure you are leaning back a bit and that your shoulders are square.

Finding front

This is a great game, once your dog has a good front position. You can toss a treat away at different angles and reward when they come back to you. Finally, you can begin to turn your body to make your dog really work to get into front position. Beware of the dog that tries to stand on your feet! That just isn’t allowed in AKC.

Keep my dog off the couch

You walk in the door, and there your sweet dog is, cuddled up on the couch enjoying their new soft spot. So the question is, how do you keep your dog off the couch? It isn’t hard to break the habit but requires consistency.

Usually a dog will try to get on the couch when they are tired and ready to go to sleep. Watch for those times they are starting to look for a good spot because that is going to be your best bet and stopping this behavior. If they go to jump up, just say off and take them by the collar and lead them off the couch. Most dogs will eventually give up and stop trying. If you have a more persistent dog maybe put them in their crate so they can settle down and go to sleep. If you have to leave your dog unsupervised either put them somewhere away from the couch or use their crate.

If your dog growls when you try to move them, you will want to teach off without pulling your dog. Take a treat and lure them off the couch and say “off” then reward them with the treat. Over time you can just say off and then reward for getting off the couch. You can even guide your dog with the collar and feed them at the same time so they get used to you using their collar. If you sense your dog is becoming more aggressive we highly recommend you find a dog trainer to help you with the problem.

Another option is to have your dog wear a 6 foot leash around the house connected to a buckle or flat collar. When your dog jumps up just use the leash to get them back down, always reward them and praise them for getting off the couch.

The next two things you want to teach are leave it and a place command. Leave it will teach the dog to not get on the couch in the first place and place will be an alternative location you can have your dog go to settle down.

House Training Schedule

Check out the House Training App

We brought home our new puppy Blaze this weekend. He is an 8 week old labrador retriever. Every puppy is so different and teaches you new things. Little Blaze loves to drink water, and will drink non stop. Here is how today is going, and what type of house training schedule I am going to keep.

Morning 1 – I got up, filled up a bowl of water and went about my morning making breakfast and lunches for the kids. He went out and pottied, lots of praise. He came in and went #2 on the floor (I saw him sniffing and was trying to locate my jacket because of the rain). That was my fault I didn’t move fast enough. We went out anyway and he went potty again, came in and had 3 accidents back to back. No sniffing this time, just peeing on the floor. Luckily we keep a swiffer wet jet in the kitchen to clean up the mess quickly.

I decided this wasn’t a good pattern. Now I am limiting how much water I put down. Here is our new schedule

Puppy Crate Time
Comes out of the crate – potty
If he pees he gets to play in the kitchen with 1 cup of water available in the bowl. (this is more than he needs but its always better too offer more than less!)
He can play for 20 minutes, we go back out to potty.
If he pees, he gets to stay out, if not, he goes in the crate.

We’ll see how this goes. A few tips on a house training schedule, see how long between potty trips you can go – some puppies can do an hour, and some only 15 minutes. The goal the first week home is to get more peeing outside than inside. Expect them to do a poop sometime after eating (1-3 hours).

New Years Resolutions

Its January 1 and everyone is making resolutions, to eat better, work out more, clean more, etc. As I woke up this morning drinking my coffee I sat and watched outside and counted about 10 people walking by with their dogs. I thought to myself, I never see them out there and I bet they are starting the new year off right.

Walking your dog isn’t really exercise for your dog unless you are going at a really fast pace as in running or jogging or your dog is very little. Be careful of overdoing it and wearing out your dog especially if they aren’t used to walking everyday. Don’t just take them for a 10 mile walk.

To exercise your dog properly you need to build up their endurance much as you would yourself. Start slowly, let them rest if they need to, and perhaps bring some water along if they get thirsty.

Now, many people get frustrated walking their dogs because they may pull on the leash, sniff too much, bark at other dogs or other behavior problems. We have many articles that can help you solve those very problems to make your walks more enjoyable and to help you stick with your good new years resolution to live a happier healthier life.

Hyper Dog

Its been a busy week before Christmas and poor Nitro has had much attention. We also had a bit of a rain / ice storm so its been kind of yucky outside and I haven’t been up for walking him. I suppose I’m a bad doggie mom!

Second to exercise is always dog training for wearing out your dog. I have a few things I like to do. The first is jump training. If you are doing agility or obedience you already know how to train this. If not, i get a low jump (so they dont have to over jump and hurt themselves) – you can use a broom stick on some cinder blocks. Toss treats over the jump and say “over”.

Another game to play is the come / recall game. I stand in a long hallway and toss food through my legs yelling here and get it! That works wonders to get a dog racing back and forth.

You can even do the recall / come game with a few people in the house, just make sure everyone has some food to reward the dog with.

Lastly, I opt for a chew bone of some kind. I personally feed raw bones which is great for their teeth but you want to find organic kinds or a raw food distributor. This can last for hours with my boy and man is he exhausted by the time that is done!