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Puppy Teething

I walked in the door and found my older lab with blood spots all over him, was I freaked out! I searched through and couldn’t find any problems, and it dawned on me, the puppy must be loosing his teeth. I opened up his mouth and sure enough, he’s lost about 7 teeth in the last two days. We’ve only seen proof of a few laying around, normally I never see any teeth at all. I dont know what it is, but puppies get absolutely wild when they are going through that nasty puppy teething stage.

So, the question is, what can you do to help these poor little guys? Well they aren’t like kids, you can’t give them tylenol. You can however give them things that will help soothe their desires. Look at what they are chewing on, wood, socks, soft or hard? Give them what they need. If they are going for soft things, get a soft plush toy. If its harder things, try some ice cubes, that can help sooth and cool their gums. I typically avoid things like raw hides, and prefer antlers.

If the puppy is just being crazy, just put them in their crate and plan on going for an extra long walk to see if that helps tire them out. I’m sure they have issues with sleeping when they are teething. The good thing is, the puppy teething phase is short lived and lasts only a week or two at its worst. The biggest and most important thing with puppy teething is to always watch your puppy. Not only can you lose your kitchen cabinet but you can also have an injured puppy.

Wild Puppy Days

It always happens. A puppy who has been calm, comes when called, never chews on the wrong things, suddenly goes wild. A wild puppy can be the symptom of several things. First, it could be that your puppy is normal. Second, your puppy may need some new mental stimulation. Or three, your puppy might be ready for some structured exercise. Perhaps all three as well.

Today was that day for us, baby Blaze was a wild boy. He has been bothering Nitro all day, barking randomly, trying to chew on the rug, continually going to the back door when he doesn’t need to potty. My first inclination would be to walk him a little further than we have gone before, but Blaze has a cold so probably spreading that around the neighborhood wouldn’t be wise.

So, what to do when the wild puppy can’t exercise? Break out the old Kong. The kong if you have never seen one is like a rubber shaped snowman with a hole in the top and the bottom. You can fill it with any number of things. My personal favorites are peanut butter (all natural is best), banana, or just a few big treats that are hard to get out. The best part about this is it keeps the puppy busy for 20 to 30 minutes. As they get better at it, you have to do more difficult kong recipies but this should help your wild puppy get tired. And after all, they do say that a tired puppy is a well behaved puppy.

Another idea is to rotate your dog toys. I try to keep only a few down at a time so that as my puppy becomes bored with them, I can get new ones out. With teething just around the corner, I need to stock up on some soft toys in addition to my chew proof toys and antlers. For tonight though, I will be freezing some banana in a kong to hopefully give my puppy some more fun tomorrow that will keep him from having another wild puppy day.

Chew Proof Dog Toys

I have a lab that can destroy anything. He can shred a toy in less than 5 minutes, or destuff a toy as it may be. After spending lots of money on toys, I finally found a good solution. Orvis has a line of toys that they fully back, if your dog destroys it you can get your money back, get a gift card or even get a replacement toy. They also have dog beds if your dog destroys them called tough chew. I use this for my puppies since they have sharp teeth!

Orvis is so amazing that we once bought a dog bed from them and my dogs just didn’t care for it. We actually kept the dog bed for a period of time to see if the ywould warm up to it and they didn’t. I called several months later, and no questions asked they sent me a gift card so I could buy something else. Their customer service is amazing.

For dog toys, the ones that have worked well for us are the ring, the octopus and the boomerang. I’m curious to see how these chew proof dog toys hold up for the new puppy but if there is a problem I know I can just call customer service! Well worth the money in my opinion!

Rawhides for dogs

It was Christmas morning, and my mom came over with gifts for all, including our dog Nitro. He loves food, and he loves to chew. He immediately tore into his gift which was a nice big rawhide. He’s never had one in his life, so he was excited.

He sat down with his rawhide which was made in the USA. I do not recommend buying rawhides from other countries as you dont know what they use for a preservative – I have heard it can have levels of arsenic. I haven’t verified if that is true. In about an hour, the rawhide was gone. I knew that meant troubl, he would likely have some upset tummy issues later that day and sure enough he did.

My recommendation on raw hides is they are OK every once in a while, buy only the ones from the USA (made in the USA) and watch your dog. They can get stuck in their throats. I take away the end pieces. My preference is to only give your dog raw bones or my favorite – deer antlers. You can purchase deer antlers at They last a long time and are well worth the money!

New Puppy: Chewing everything in sight!

New puppies have one problem, teething :)   It makes them uncomfortable.  When babies teeth, they cry, when puppies teeth, they chew.  Its part of mother nature, the  more they chew, the more comfort they feel.  So when you notice your new  puppy chewing on your favorite shoes, remember,he is trying to help his pain.

Does that mean you should let him chew your $50 shoes?  No! But be mindful of what he is chewing on.  If he is going for soft things, find some soft toys for him.  Dogs are just like kids and they too get bored with their toys. Try rotating them out or offering one or two at a time rather than having 50 on the floor at all times.

When he chews on something try not to say no and take it away, instead encourage him to bring it to you, and trade it for something better.  This will encourage retrieving as well as your puppy will be less likely to run and hide when he gets something.  Just today my lab got a hold of my shoe.  He looked everywhere for me and eagerly ran to me knowing I would praise him.  He probably doesn’t realize he could lay down and chew on it without me noticing.

Enjoy your new puppy training!