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Barking At Other Dogs

This post is for people who have social dogs, who bark simply because they see another dog. If your dog has aggression or is out of control, there are other resources for that. We specifically recommend you find a dog trainer near you or check out a book on feisty fidos.

When you are out on your walks you have to pay attention. If you see another dog coming, then its time to watch your dog. Here is the key, reward your dog for looking at the other dog, but not barking. If they start barking, you should have caught it earlier. If they do start barking, no biggie, put a treat in their face, lure them in front of you and just keep feeding them until the other dog passes by.

If they haven’t started barking, tell them how fabulous they are and reward them with the food. Keep doing this until the other dog is gone. I like to pick up my pace and use a very happy voice. In a typical walk we will pass by 4 dogs and by the 4th one, I only have to use one treat because my dog already knows the routine. If there is a barking dog behind a fence, I see this is a great training opportunity, I can stand there and practice for as long as I need to. Over time the food isn’t necessary any more, but initially you’ll want to stay armed with it. try to use a good dog treat that is only for this special occasion, not a usual milkbone.