Amy Dunphy CPDT is the owner and operator of ACD Services Inc which manages the Dog Trainer Search

Amy is a nationally certified dog trainer with the Certification Council of Professional Dog Trainers. She has attended programs with Dogs of Course as well as the Companion Animal Institute and attends seminars on dog learning behavior and theory.  She graduated from George Mason University with a BS in Computer Science.  Amy is the mom of one Chesapeake  (Dakota Р9), one yellow lab (Nitro Р1.5) and two young active boys.

Amy is also a Field Instructor with Paws for a Cause which provides assistance dogs, hearing dogs and seizure dogs. If you would like information on this program please visit Paws with a Cause. Check out Nitros demo video, he is a certified service demo dog with Paws With a Cause.

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  1. I am trying to geyt the contact number for new beginnigs in oak ridge for certification of a service dog for one of the veterans i am case managing. I know there is a course and testing of $180 but i have lost the information. Thank you.

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