Save your carpet, buy a kong

Blaze is a year and a half. I thought for sure we were done with our puppy chewing phase so I decided it was time to put the crate away. I am fortunate in that I work from home full time so he really isn’t loose very long in the house unsupervised. Our kids started back to school so in the mornings the dogs stay home unattended for 15 minutes. Did you know that most damage is done in the first 15 minutes of being left alone?


Blaze has developed this bad habit of pulling our carpet back and shredding the padding. He doesn’t eat it from what I can tell, just shreds it. Initially I left the dogs out back while we went to the bus stop to avoid him shredding the carpet, but what if I needed to be away for more than 15 minutes?

I broke down and bought a few kongs and now when we leave they get some sort of yummy kong to play with while we are gone. Over the past few days just a teaspoon of peanut butter in the bottom of a kong has saved our poor carpet from being mauled. Unfortunately we bought the wrong size and need to get larger ones (I recommend large or XL black for labs).

If you are struggling with your dog eating something when you leave and dont really want to crate them, try some kong products.

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Author: Amy Dunphy

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