Canine Acne

Who would have ever thought it? Canine Acne. I know it sounds made up but trust me its real.


It all started with little pustules on the lips and chin. They look nasty and sometimes bleed. As with anything new and different looking on my dogs, I took Blaze to the vet who confirmed that it was in fact Canine Acne. Apparently because its around the mouth its easy to get infected. Blaze isn’t the neatest drinker so his mouth is always wet. After a nice round of antibiotics he was all better.

Fast forward a few months and we have it back again. Consequently he is also sleeping a lot! After doing some research it seems that Canine Acne (just like human acne) can be related to hormones. Blaze is still intact since he is being shown so I assume that’s what this is, probably another growth spurt of some kind or increase in testosterone. Granted I’m assuming all of this and basing it on some things I’ve read online.

Now what to do about this yucky acne? I’m not rushing to the vet this time so I’m keeping his mouth dry, and trying to do some neosporin which he will probably just lick off pretty fast. Hopefully this will clear in a few days!

Author: Amy Dunphy

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