Chiropractors for Dogs

Some people call me crazy, other call me weird, but thats OK! I *love* chiropractors for dogs. My younger dog injured his leg and was constantly leaning to one side. We found a chiropractor who straightened him right out and after a few months and just a few short visits, Blaze is finally back to normal!


When you start looking for a chiropractor for your dog there are two different types. The first is a Vet who takes a certification course (or more) in chiropractic. The second type is an actual chiropractor who has adapted to working on animals. Many that I have met work on all types of animals. My personal preference has been to work with actual chiropractors who also work with dogs. I can’t say that one is better than the other but if its just adjustments you need, then you have a few options to research.

What can you expect when getting your dog adjusted? The chiropractor will likely want to see your dog walk around a bit, then they will begin to contort the next back, legs and tail. Most dogs don’t like the pressure and will wiggle about but I usually just hold their heads still. My dog Sandy used to love getting adjusted and afterwards would love up on her chiropractor. I can always tell that they feel better and if it helps prevent arthritis, I’m all for it!

Author: Amy Dunphy

2 thoughts on “Chiropractors for Dogs

  1. I used to go to the chiropractor a lot after I injured my neck in a car accident and he also had patients that were dogs and cats too! Sometimes I would see them in the waiting room and it was always kind of funny. I can see doing chiropractic on a dog, but can you imagine trying to do that on a cat?

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