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Archive for May, 2011

Training, just 5 minutes a day

I’ve got a few things going with my dogs. Blaze is trying to finish his last task to complete his service dog demo tape and take over for Nitro. He is learning to push a door shut. Its hard for him for some reason. I wasn’t sure how to discriminate how hard he was pushing – in other words, click only when he pushes so hard. Well I figured it out today – watch how far the door moves. One of those “duh” moments. He is doing better and I’m keeping a high rate of reinforcement. Training him to close a door should move pretty quickly now.

Nitro is working on attitude. He has the behaviors but he doesn’t do it with much oomph. Thanks to Bridget Carlson’s motivation videos we’re working on a jackpot word (hungry) and rewarding any effort or fun attitude he gives me. I’m not specifically asking for anything yet just seeing if he will throw behaviors at me. So far its going great. He loves it and stays in the game longer.

All this for just 5 minutes a day with each dog. What can you do with your dog in 5 minutes?