Leg Injuries

My puppy is a wild boy when he gets the crazies or when he just needs to burn some energy. It doesn’t take much for a dog like Blaze to injure themselves. He cuts the wrong way, or in his case slammed his rear into a bench. After a few weeks of taking it easy he is finally back to normal, but that set me out for an important quest in life. How do I keep my dogs from injuring themselves?


Dogs are like athletes in many ways, they need conditioning and cross training. So many owners just take their dogs for random hikes, runs, play sessions for hours at a time with little to no conditioning. This opens them up for major problems.

One of the things I discovered in my research is a strong core prevents injuries. This is true for humans and dogs, probably more so for dogs! If you have a dog who is a performance dog you probably know this already. I purchased my very first giant peanut shaped work out ball. There is a great DVD “Get On the Ball” you can order too which shows you how to use the ball safely.

At first Blaze was a little nervous about it, but now he LOVES his ball time. He jumps up, sits on it, stands on it, and gets very excited when I say its time to get on it. I stabilize it with my feet but I am hoping that my dear husband will build me a little PVC stand. If you are looking for a good way to rehab your dog or build core strength I highly recommend you look into this. As always consult with your vet on what is best for your dog.

Author: Amy Dunphy

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  1. This was a good article, it made me giggle a couple of times.In fact I have a 102lb black lab that gets so excited when it is time to go out and eat he jumped strait onto the air, hit my laminate floor, slipped and smacked his mouth on the floor and I watched his K9 tooth slide accross the floor rite in front of me.

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