Snow Storm 2011

We live in the South. We get maybe a few inches of snow a year, enjoy it for a few hours and then it melts. We dont get stuck inside, we dont get cabin fever, until this year.

Its January 11th, 2011. 1-1-11 to be exact, maybe that’s an omen? We got a snow storm followed by an ice storm topped off by freezing fog. I still don’t quite know what freezing fog is, but it makes me want to stay inside. My dogs on the other hand are LOVING this weather. They want to be out, enjoying the cold sniffing all the smells and watching all the kids sledding. We even had a make shift dog park in my back yard with 4 labs. Thank goodness for a fenced in yard!

If you are stuck in the ice indoors here in the south you might be wondering what the heck to do with your new found cabin fever and your dogs going a little bonkers without their normal walks. If you are like me, you’ll get creative – train your dogs people! Today I worked with Nitro on heads up heeling. Blaze is still working on his stand stays for the show ring.

Things to watch out for with snow and ice and your pets. First, dogs CAN get hypothermia. Protect them and warm them if they get wet or too cold. Do NOT leave them out too long. Watch for pad cuts, with ice you can definitely see some paw cuts. Be careful of sidewalks with salt or other chemicals – these can burn your dogs skin and pads, and be dangerous if they ingest it. Be careful of stairs and them slipping, clear off a safe place for them to walk down on and try to keep it ice free.

Here are some snow pictures, hope you enjoy them!



Author: Amy Dunphy

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