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I have a problem to admit to the world. I have a leash addiction. We have so many leashes hanging up, and my husband teases me endlessly about it. Honestly they all serve their purpose and I’ve used them at different times for different reasons. If you follow my blog you know that I have the worlds strongest dog who has successfully broken a few of my best leashes and landed me straight on my rear end.

With Blaze, I started with a flat buckle collar. Its my preference for most dogs. I quickly figured out I needed something better or my hands and shoulders were going to pay the price. I tried the gentle leader head collar. This seemed to rub on his eyes and he could still pull reallly well with it. The next choice was one of my favorite head collars the comfort trainer. I let someone borrow this but I would like to get another one to try again with him. Either way, he figured out he could flip his head and roll his body – it made our walks less than fun. Most of these I used with my leather braided 4 foot leash. He broke my 3 foot or I would have preferred that.

My next try was the gentle leader easy walk harness. I usually really love this harness. It works great, and is very adjustable. But for my dog? Nope, he pulled as hard as he could in the opposite direction.

I heard a recommendation for the Wags and Wiggles harness. It connects to the front and the back of the harness and has some nice padding on it to keep from rubbing. Well once I figured out how it worked with the special double ended leash, I got it on him and tightened it all up. We headed out and it seemed to work pretty well. The trouble with the easy walk was Blaze learned how to pull sideways, with this new harness it shifts from back to front so it gives me more control. We went for a longer walk and he did really great. Now, he can still pull, but I do’nt think its going to break the leash anymore and I feel like I can control him. When he starts to pass me, I walk backwards. When he is walking nicely beside me, I always reward him. I would have to say this is the Ferrari of dog pulling devices. This is for sale through our friends if you want to purchase one to try for your dog. Make sure you measure!

Author: Amy Dunphy

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  1. It’s too bad the gentle leader didn’t work for your dog… We have learned to love the gentle leader over the last year and have even added it as a training course at our pet resort & Spa. Thanks for your post and tips!

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