Month: January 2011

Posted in competition obedience

Slow Dogs

Nitro doesn’t live up to his name. He isn’t speedy or hyper. Quite frankly he would love to lay on the couch the rest of…

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Posted in Dog Training and Behavior

Dogs Pulling on leash

I have a problem to admit to the world. I have a leash addiction. We have so many leashes hanging up, and my husband teases…

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Posted in Dog Training Games

Snow Storm 2011

We live in the South. We get maybe a few inches of snow a year, enjoy it for a few hours and then it melts….

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Posted in Blaze

Worlds Strongest Dog

Blaze is a bit of a beast. He’s a sweet beast, but none the less, he is strong. I had Chesapeakes before, and I thought…

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