Rescues and the Truth

I’ve seen it SO many times. A person goes to a shelter or rescue group and I hear words the person coming up with creative ways to explain away behavior problems. I’ve also seen the other side, where owners wind up with a dog that honestly they would have never adopted if they knew what the issue was.


Well, one state is starting to battle that. In Colorado, they are now requiring rescue groups to give full disclosure to adopters. Its a huge step! I once witnessed a girl and her son looking at a dog. I asked after they left, did you tell him about the dog biting a man? Or being food aggressive? And the response was – that was a one time thing it probably won’t happen again.

I’m hoping that more states will come up with laws to protect not only the owners, but also the dogs. If the owner knows the problems, they have a choice to take the dog and work on it. If they don’t know its like bringing home a loaded gun, playing with it and not knowing its loaded.

Author: Amy Dunphy

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