Impulse Control in Dogs

I have a dog, who has no impulse control. He sees another dog and he pulls. He sees an open door and he rushes towards it. He sees a piece of food and he runs for it.


I’m using the Levels Dog Training by Sue Ailsby (and my awesome iphone app) to train Zen, which is kind of like leave it. He is doing well but we have to bump up the training to get to the more advanced levels.

The other thing I’m going to teach is wait. Wait for permission to go out of his crate, the door, and the car. We could do wait before he eats but he drools so I am excusing him from that behavior *g*

As a retriever, he loves to fetch, so we are going to start working on his stays and fetching. This will get him to start thinking before just doing something.

Finally, the last thing we have to work on is controlled walking. This is more difficult and takes longer but I just have to be diligent. My goal is to take his breakfast and do a walk every morning when he is hungry and use the method of backing up when he pulls or when he gets out of heel position. I’ll use the food when he is in a good position for a longer period of time.

Author: Amy Dunphy

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