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Archive for September, 2010

Impulse Control in Dogs

I have a dog, who has no impulse control. He sees another dog and he pulls. He sees an open door and he rushes towards it. He sees a piece of food and he runs for it.

I’m using the Levels Dog Training by Sue Ailsby (and my awesome iphone app) to train Zen, which is kind of like leave it. He is doing well but we have to bump up the training to get to the more advanced levels.

The other thing I’m going to teach is wait. Wait for permission to go out of his crate, the door, and the car. We could do wait before he eats but he drools so I am excusing him from that behavior *g*

As a retriever, he loves to fetch, so we are going to start working on his stays and fetching. This will get him to start thinking before just doing something.

Finally, the last thing we have to work on is controlled walking. This is more difficult and takes longer but I just have to be diligent. My goal is to take his breakfast and do a walk every morning when he is hungry and use the method of backing up when he pulls or when he gets out of heel position. I’ll use the food when he is in a good position for a longer period of time.

Become a Professional Dog Trainer

First Class Education at an Affordable Price!

Are you tired of working a nine-to-five job? Are you missing the passion and excitement of doing what you love? Are you wondering how your life has slipped away and you haven’t accomplished anything? Well, Raising Canine’s Become a Professional Dog Trainer course can help you find the passion and excitement you’re missing!

If you want to become a dog trainer, Raising Canine’s Become a Professional Dog Trainer course is an in-depth course that has all the right ingredients for you to become a certified dog trainer and cutting-edge professional dog trainer in the fast-growing industry of animal training. The Become a Professional Dog Trainer Course is self-paced and remote, so you can work on it when it’s convenient for you. And, the best news is that it’s very reasonably priced!

Students who have taken the Become a Professional Dog Trainer course and sat for the CPDT (Certified Professional Dog Trainer) exam, passed with an average score of 92.2%. Even more impressive, they passed the learning theory section of the course with an average score of 92.8%! Learning theory is the area dog trainers struggle with the most – and 32% of the CPDT exam is on learning theory.

The course includes the following:

* A Comprehensive Understanding of How Animals Learn
o Knowing how animals learn will help you, as a professional dog trainer, recognize causes of problems, and when and why a particular technique is not working.
* A Thorough Knowledge of Dog Behavior
o Really understanding dog behavior will get you quicker results.
* Practice in the Application of Dog Training
o Dog training is a skill, and getting hands-on experience is essential to being a great professional, certified dog trainer.
* An Understanding of How to Run Group Class
o In your career as a certified dog trainer, you will find that group classes can be quite difficult because of the different learning styles and skill levels of your clients – we help you get the best results for everyone.
* Skill in Working With the Humans that Own the Dogs
o The dogs are the easy part – it’s changing the human behavior that’s hard! We give you the information and help you need to work effectively with your clients.
* Weekly Phone Calls With Your Instructor
o The phone call brings it all together. During the call you’ll learn how to take all the things you’re learning and actually use them in real-life situations. We help you in the beginning stages of your dog training career – we talk about your current clients and help you become a professional dog trainer that people can’t wait to hire!
* Private Interaction & Support With Your Instructor*
o If you need to discuss personal issues, or other issues not appropriate for the group, you can always schedule an appointment to talk privately with your instructor.

We don’t rely on gimmicks or mythology – we teach each Beginning Professional Dog Trainer the science behind animal learning to give you a solid foundation as a Professional Dog Trainer. With that fundamental knowledge under your belt you have the ability to analyze and resolve the most difficult behavior problems and excel in the field of dog training.

This course is divided into several modules. Each module has textbooks and homework assignments. Many of the assignments are practical – for instance, you will develop a curriculum which you will be able to use when you begin teaching classes as a Professional Dog Trainer and you’ll develop handouts that you will be able to use in your dog training practice. The information you learn from this course will qualify you to become a certified dog trainer.

Our Become a Professional Dog Trainer course is based on the mastery model – in other words, you don’t do an assignment and get a grade; rather, you do an assignment, your instructor reviews it, and usually returns it with comments and revisions. This process continues until the instructor is satisfied that you have a thorough understanding of the concepts being taught.

As you become skilled in your ability to analyze and assess behavior problems, and once you’ve demonstrated a good understanding of the concepts, you will begin analyzing and reviewing other people’s work. By looking at what others are doing, you will develop your critical thinking skills to an even higher level.

Start whenever you want! Because this course is self-paced, you can start right now – no waiting until a new class begins. Part of the benefit of this school for dog trainers is learning from others who are more advanced than you.

For more information on the course, go to