Rally Obedience IPhone App

Apparently there is a missing market in the iphone app development world. There are two iphone apps one of which is $9 – I dont pay $9 for a shirt so I’m not going to do it for an app. One is for APDT the other is for AKC. They are fine, they show the behaviors you need to learn rally. I’m working on an update to this app that will include sign descriptions.

Buy your rally iphone app today.

I decided to build one that encompassed all styles of rally, APDT, ASCA, UKC, and AKC. You can choose which style and level you want to see and it will show you all the signs. Pretty simple in theory. The development wasn’t that hard but getting all those graphics, that took forever! I may have gotten a few messed up too but we’ll see how many people report problems.

I also put in a practice area, this is for me. You can choose your style and level and it will give you some signs to practice. You can rearrange them, refresh them or change the size and number of images. It’ll definitely help me practice rally more since I wont have to get out my signs.

Its going to cost $1. I’ll try to keep it up to date as new signs and updates occur. Currently its in review at the app store. I’ll post a link when I have one!

Author: Amy Dunphy

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