Boarding Dogs

I have boarding dogs, and this year has made me hate it even more. Nothing against kennel owners, or businesses, but they are loud, stressful and its just hard on the dogs in general. I took my dogs to a clean family run kennel where they got play time, pool time and even some extra walks. In total we spent around $500 for 7 days.


I normally prefer to use pet sitters, but with our puppy being so young still, I didn’t feel right having him crated the entire time. I know a pet sitter would have let him out 3-4 times a day, but that’s about 2 hours out of his crate, which means 22 hours in. I think that can be worse. Well I have changed my mind about it all. If they can’t go to a doggie day care, then you are better off to find someone who can come spend time with them at home.

For the same cost I could have had a petsitter come 4 times a day for 45 minutes each. We got our dogs and our older one apparently had his collar left on wet. He now has a huge raw bloody mess of a neck. It smelled awful from far away. Luckily we had an antibiotic spray already and after consulting with our vet we decided to use that and see if it can get better. If we hadn’t talked to him it would have been an emergency vet visit which would have been another $150-200 bucks.

My advice, hire a pet sitter.

Author: Amy Dunphy

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