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Holy cow, we have a lot of dog hair! Typically we spend 50 bucks on grooming our labs every so often when they are blowing coat. So imagine 50 * 2 dogs * 4 times a year? Math anyone? That’s 400 bucks. For the same amount of money, we can buy a crazy beast high velocity dryer. Does it work? Well, heck yeah!

Metro Air-Force Dryer

Metro Air-Force Dryer

Powerful yet lightweight dryers from Metro that are specifically designed for the professional pet/animal groomer. 200 MPH force of warm air instantly blows water from heavy coats.

I did my research and found that the K9 III high velocity dryers are rated the best. They have two motors and two speeds. It blows air and you can dry your dog or you can blow out the hair. Now my dogs are pretty laid back and don’t mind much but I can see if your dog has noise sensitivity this might not be for you.

We washed our labs with very warm water. I use a nub brush in the bath from furminator to help rub in the shampoo. Then I towel dry. From there I move to outside and the low speed dryer to get the dog dry. When they are dry, we blast them with the high velocity two speed k9 III dryer.

From what I read its best to start from the tail and work your way up blowing the air towards their head (do not blow their faces!). Having two people is super helpful if you want to keep the dog still unless you have a fancy table to stand them on.

I wish I had recorded the amount of hair that came out. I think we will try to blow them out each week followed by a good brushing. Hopefully our vacuum will be saved!

Author: Amy Dunphy

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