Puppy Teething

I walked in the door and found my older lab with blood spots all over him, was I freaked out! I searched through and couldn’t find any problems, and it dawned on me, the puppy must be loosing his teeth. I opened up his mouth and sure enough, he’s lost about 7 teeth in the last two days. We’ve only seen proof of a few laying around, normally I never see any teeth at all. I dont know what it is, but puppies get absolutely wild when they are going through that nasty puppy teething stage.


So, the question is, what can you do to help these poor little guys? Well they aren’t like kids, you can’t give them tylenol. You can however give them things that will help soothe their desires. Look at what they are chewing on, wood, socks, soft or hard? Give them what they need. If they are going for soft things, get a soft plush toy. If its harder things, try some ice cubes, that can help sooth and cool their gums. I typically avoid things like raw hides, and prefer antlers.

If the puppy is just being crazy, just put them in their crate and plan on going for an extra long walk to see if that helps tire them out. I’m sure they have issues with sleeping when they are teething. The good thing is, the puppy teething phase is short lived and lasts only a week or two at its worst. The biggest and most important thing with puppy teething is to always watch your puppy. Not only can you lose your kitchen cabinet but you can also have an injured puppy.

Author: Amy Dunphy

2 thoughts on “Puppy Teething

  1. The only proof I had of my chocolate lab pup losing her teeth were the random blood spots on the furniture,… and the sharp little tooth I stepped on and ran into my foot! I was so thankful when that little phase ended.

  2. I think some people get a little too preciuos about their dogs
    Giving tylenol or any other pain releiver is just not required.
    The problem of puppies mouthing should be restricted and phased out especially if the owner is thinking about children.
    A puppy playing and mouthing an adult hand is OK but when younger kids are around this can get out of hand with tear on all sides

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