Heeling Week 2 Day 1

So Week 1 Heeling focus was to really work on driving to heel position and making it fun.  Week 2 is about teaching some rear movement.  By the end of the week we’d like to have the handler facing the box walking around it, and the dog swinging their rear following in heel position.  Getting this nice movement sideways is invaluable to turning and pivots.

I am using a box for teaching this behavior as it is a good foundation for the dog.  Initially I stand in front of the dog with a treat and walk around the box trying to get the dog to move their hind legs to the left.  If they move at all I click and treat.  Even if I have to get really close to their rear and they are in gumby mode trying to get the treat in my hands, I just wait and dont give the treat until they move.

If your dog doesn’t like having their feet on the box you may want to start there.  Just lure the dog up and reward when they have two feet on, two feet off.

The goal is to get the dogs rear legs moving with you facing the dog. Dont push the dog or use the leash (in fact train without a leash).  Just work on your timing of watching those rear feet moving.  Any left movement can be rewarded.

Author: Amy Dunphy

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