Month: May 2010

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Barking At Other Dogs

Learn what to do if your dog barks when he sees other dogs. Fix that dog barking problem.

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Posted in Blaze Puppy Mouthing

Puppy Teething

See what to expect during the puppy teething phase. Learn how to deal with it.

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Dog Harness Review

Little baby Blaze is growing up, literally. That means he’s getting bigger, taller and you guessed it, STRONGER! When he wants to pull me, he…

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Puppy Barking at Other Dogs

Puppy Barking at other dogs can turn into a nasty aggressive behavior. Learn how to solve this early.

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Heeling Week 2 Day 1

So Week 1 Heeling focus was to really work on driving to heel position and making it fun.  Week 2 is about teaching some rear…

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