Heeling Week 1 Day 2

The goal for week 1 is to still get that perfect heel position but also to get the dog to “find” the position on their own. Sure you can lure your dog into heeling position but does that mean they really understand it? Probably not.

Blaze (the puppy) is having trouble getting straight – so I need to use either a box for him to put his front feet on or gaits (or a wall) to get him coming in straight. I also am tossing the treat slightly to the right behind me and rewarding in the position I want him.

Nitro is doing better than Blaze – but he has a history of heeling. I toss the treat back, say “get it”, then I say “Nitro get close” and as he comes in I click when he gets to where I want him and reward in front of his face so his head is straight which keeps his body straight. Since he is doing well I can vary where I throw the treat (always behind me though).

The goal – fun, short, specific things to train for!

Author: Amy Dunphy

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