Kong Wobbler Review

Well it came! My new Kong Wobbler. After all the excitement, I can finally share my thoughts about how it really is.


Here are my pros and cons:

Pros: dishwasher safe, not too loud, pretty easy to fill, reasonably priced

Cons: I think its a little big for smaller dogs, toy dogs could NEVER use this. There is no difficulty setting – its equally difficult or easy for all dogs. My puppy doesn’t get it at all 🙂 My dog could unscrew it. I found it difficult to screw the top on.

Watch the video to see all my thoughts on the kong wobbler. I finally got my puppy to learn how to use this by toss a treat on the floor near the wobbler every time he nosed it. Eventually he moved it enough to get food to fall out own his own and he is now a proficient kong wobbler user in just a few hours.

and the puppy finally gets it 🙂

Author: Amy Dunphy

1 thought on “Kong Wobbler Review

  1. Thank you so much for sharing your review of the Kong wobbler. I’ll have to get this for my own dog – I bet he’ll love it!

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