New Years Resolutions

Its January 1 and everyone is making resolutions, to eat better, work out more, clean more, etc. As I woke up this morning drinking my coffee I sat and watched outside and counted about 10 people walking by with their dogs. I thought to myself, I never see them out there and I bet they are starting the new year off right.


Walking your dog isn’t really exercise for your dog unless you are going at a really fast pace as in running or jogging or your dog is very little. Be careful of overdoing it and wearing out your dog especially if they aren’t used to walking everyday. Don’t just take them for a 10 mile walk.

To exercise your dog properly you need to build up their endurance much as you would yourself. Start slowly, let them rest if they need to, and perhaps bring some water along if they get thirsty.

Now, many people get frustrated walking their dogs because they may pull on the leash, sniff too much, bark at other dogs or other behavior problems. We have many articles that can help you solve those very problems to make your walks more enjoyable and to help you stick with your good new years resolution to live a happier healthier life.

Author: Amy Dunphy

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