Mixed breeds in the akc

Well, I never thought I’d see it, but the AKC has finally allowed mixed breeds at obedience shows. Now some people are really excited but most of the comments I have read are not that happy about it.

Here is the scoop – the AKC will allow mixed breeds to compete but in their own classes. For some reason they aren’t allowed to share the ring, maybe this is a bit like segregation? Here are the exact rules:

Any club eligible to hold obedience trials may offer classes for mixed breed dogs at their option at standalone obedience events. The definition of a standalone event is an AKC Obedience event that is not held on the same date AND show site as an AKC all-breed dog show or independent specialty dog show.

Now, lets say a dog is a mixed breed and competes in Novice. They wont get a CD after their name, they will get a CDM. Now, I see this is a positive step but we aren’t quite there yet. I think it will generate more interest in obedience but that just means trials will be more crowded and fill up faster. Who knows, maybe more clubs will start and we’ll just have more trials!

Author: Amy Dunphy

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