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Dogs Bad Breath

When puppies are little they have that wonderful puppy breath. Today, my lab came up and all I could think was WOAH that stinks! His breath has just gotten bad. I started digging in and doing some research on how to solve this dogs bad breath problem.

Typically bad breath comes from plaque. If this is the case your vet can help by doing a dental cleaning. Most vets recommend this once a year. Along with brushing daily (using doggie tooth paste) this can really solve the problem. Lots of people like to feed their dogs raw food, bones or turkey necks. This can also really help keep plaque at bay. I personally do this with my dogs, but as with anything check with your vet prior to starting something new.

Another reason for bad breath is if your doggie eats something yucky outside. My lab loves to eat rabbit poo which is just gross. We have a few things in place to help with this problem. We watch him when he goes out and we tell him to leave it if we see him sniffing too long in the yard.

There is another product called oxyfresh. I have yet to try it but have placed my order. We’ll see how it goes and post the updates!

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