Dog Tags for Collars

I know that dogs tags for collars are very important. My last dogs would never run away our head out the door but Nitro, well – he is a social butterfly. He wont bolt out the door, but if the gate is open, he’ll wander away. I was out of town once and got a phone call from a lady who said “I have your dog here” – I immediately called my husband and he was shocked that I knew he was missing.  Thankfully I had bought some dog tags and he had them on that day.


I have two problems with dog tags for collars though. First, they jingle which is noisy at night. Inevitably we wind up taking the collar off and forgetting to put it back on. Secondly, my dog doesn’t care for them much – he bites at them and seems to get annoyed if they make too much noise. Nitro is a bit sensitive that way though 🙂

Recently I came across the coolest thing and I can’t wait to order mine. Orvis now makes embroidered martingale collars which are my favorite type of collar so you can put your phone number and the dogs name on the collar. They make regular buckle ones as well if you prefer that style. Orvis offers full refunds if you are unhappy with your product for any reason, and we buy all our dog supplies there.

Author: Amy Dunphy

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