AKC Graduate Novice

There’s a new title in town, the AKC Graduate Novice program. This is an optional class that can be added to trials beginning in 2010.


Here is the information from the AKC website.
1. Heel on Leash and Figure Eight (off leash)
2. Drop on Recall
3. Dumbbell Recall
4. Recall Over High Jump
5. Recall Over Broad Jump
6. Long Down

As you can see, its more difficult that Novice with introducing some of the elements from Open. You can actually get awarded a title of GN after your dogs name. This is a fabulous intermediate step and we are excited they have added this Graduate Novice program to the AKC list of classes.

Here are a few changes with the above behaviors.

Dumbbell Recall
You will set up your dog like the novice recall, give your dog the dumbbell, walk away. Then you can call your dog and take the dumbbell.

Recall over a high jump
This is similar to the dumbbell recall as well, only your dog has to come over the jump.

The Long Down
This is a 3 minute out of sight down stay. Not having the sit is a great compromise for this level.

Happy dog training!

Author: Amy Dunphy

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