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Archive for January, 2010

Nose Bridge

I went to a dog training seminar a few weekends ago. I had never seen this behavior before but I saw it there, and also on a video I purchased.  Its called a Nose Bridge.  The issue is that the only dogs I have seen already knew the behavior! So I decided to teach it to my dog and share it with you all.  This is week one of me teaching this behavior.  I use a lot of luring, and of course treats (dog food) for my dog. Scroll down for the video of our week 1 dog training session on the nose bridge.

Here are the basics.

1. Get your dog into heel position.

2. Lure their head up to the position you want it

3. Wait for their nose to touch your palm or if you decide to do the two finger bridge, wait for contact.

4. Say yes, and treat with the opposite hand.

Only work for a few minutes at a time, and slowly ask for more.  I’ll take our progress so you can see how we keep progressing with this behavior.  I’m excited to teach it, I can see how it will really help our heeling in the dog training ring!

Dog Training Software

Its that time of year, TAX TIME!  You start to go through your business taxes and realize that you aren’t the best bookkeeper in the world.  When you do that you could miss out on important tax savings and wind up paying more than you should!  Well, save yourself some heartache.  Dog Training Software is an important part of a business.  If you are a professional dog trainer, we have some resources that can help you get organized.

Here are some popular dog training software packages. Some of these are free, and some cost a monthly fee. – This website allows you to track income, expenses and taxes.  – You can track time and send invoices – this can be used with your iphone and you can send invoices after you train dogs. – this is more for your personal records, but you can track lots of great things on it and even get alerts on your phone! – manage your classes, dogs, private appointments, etc – another online version for managing your business.

If you dont want to use something online, you can easily use excel or another package to manage your expenses, mileage and taxes.  Just keep it up to date and organized.  I personally handle my books just once a month.  I have a backup drive I use as well, just in case, but we like – its free too!

Happy Dog Training!

2010 Most popular dog breeds

According to the AKC, the new 2010 list is out! Its not hard to see that the dogs that are the most popular tend to stay up at the top. Its a nice rounded top 5 of retrievers, German Shepherds and Yorkies / Beagles. All are great family pets when trained early with appropriate socialization.

The top breeds in order are

Labrador Retriever

German Shepherd

Yorkshire Terrier

Golden Retriever






Dog Tags for Collars

I know that dogs tags for collars are very important. My last dogs would never run away our head out the door but Nitro, well – he is a social butterfly. He wont bolt out the door, but if the gate is open, he’ll wander away. I was out of town once and got a phone call from a lady who said “I have your dog here” – I immediately called my husband and he was shocked that I knew he was missing.  Thankfully I had bought some dog tags and he had them on that day.

I have two problems with dog tags for collars though. First, they jingle which is noisy at night. Inevitably we wind up taking the collar off and forgetting to put it back on. Secondly, my dog doesn’t care for them much – he bites at them and seems to get annoyed if they make too much noise. Nitro is a bit sensitive that way though :)

Recently I came across the coolest thing and I can’t wait to order mine. Orvis now makes embroidered martingale collars which are my favorite type of collar so you can put your phone number and the dogs name on the collar. They make regular buckle ones as well if you prefer that style. Orvis offers full refunds if you are unhappy with your product for any reason, and we buy all our dog supplies there.

Dogs Bad Breath

When puppies are little they have that wonderful puppy breath. Today, my lab came up and all I could think was WOAH that stinks! His breath has just gotten bad. I started digging in and doing some research on how to solve this dogs bad breath problem.

Typically bad breath comes from plaque. If this is the case your vet can help by doing a dental cleaning. Most vets recommend this once a year. Along with brushing daily (using doggie tooth paste) this can really solve the problem. Lots of people like to feed their dogs raw food, bones or turkey necks. This can also really help keep plaque at bay. I personally do this with my dogs, but as with anything check with your vet prior to starting something new.

Another reason for bad breath is if your doggie eats something yucky outside. My lab loves to eat rabbit poo which is just gross. We have a few things in place to help with this problem. We watch him when he goes out and we tell him to leave it if we see him sniffing too long in the yard.

There is another product called oxyfresh. I have yet to try it but have placed my order. We’ll see how it goes and post the updates!