Halloween Costumes

Looking for the perfect doggie Halloween costume? Here are a few easy favorites.

Dress your dog up as a football player!

You can purchase a doggie jersey and get a stuffed football. If you have a light colored dog you can even put some mascara under their eyes to make them have a tougher look. This is one outfit that can also work on game day for your favorite team.

Simple costumes

If your dog doesn’t like to wear costumes, you can go with something simple like a bandana or cute collar. This is an inexpensive idea but can really be cute!

Getting them used to it!

Not all dogs are used to being dressed up. If your dog is like that, start with one small piece of the costume and only have it on them when they eat. Do this for a few days and then add more to the costume. You can also practice stays while the costume is on. If the costume is one large piece, considering trying a bandana, then a t-shirt, maybe a hat and work your way up that way.

Dont forget…

Halloween is a scary time for dogs – kids look awfully strange! Read our Halloween safety article on some great tips!

Author: Amy Dunphy

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