Dog litter box training

Dog litter box training is actually becoming more and more popular. As owners have to commute more dogs are sometimes left longer than they can hold it. Well, dog litter box training is a definite option for puppys left home all day, or for older dogs with incontenence for example, or even for small dogs in apartments or who live in the city


Wizdog has created a house training system for dogs just like this. It contains a plastic pan and fitted grate. The liquid goes through the grate and stores on the newspaper or pee pad. That way the dog can’t shred it, step in it, or eat it!

Another benefit to wizdog dog litter box training is that the dog or puppy cannot shred the paper. It is easy to clean up as you just toss out the newspaper. This is a really great product and I am happy to recommend it.

If for some reason you have to work late, or get stuck and aren’t going to be able to let your dog out in time, and you know they are uncofortbable or might have an accident, this can save your floors! Another great benefit is for dogs who need to go but hate getting wet, or if there is a pile of snow out – your dog litter box training can really help you in a messy situation.

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Author: Amy Dunphy

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