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Anal Gland Disease in Dogs

Anal gland problems are just no fun for anyone. They are sacs that in normal animals get expressed naturally when they go potty or when they are frightened. If you have a dog with this issue, you will see signs like sniffing, scooting, and biting or licking the rear area. Its a very unpleasant odor.

When you see the first signs of this issue I recommend you get to your vet or groomer to have the anal glands expressed. This is typically included in the grooming fee but can be around $15 at the vet. I do not recommend trying to do this yourself, its messy and if done wrong can cause problems.

We have a dog with anal gland disease and he is on a high quality food but it has low fiber content. Since he has allergies its hard to find a higher fiber food for him. We are going to try supplementing with veggies or bananas. When you do this you have to add it slowly to their diet as you don’t want to cause an upset stomach. Hopefully it will help our poor doggie! If not the next step may be a raw diet. Check back and I’ll post an update.

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