All Natural Flea and Tick Control

Well, its flea and tick season. After pulling a ton of ticks off my dog, I thought I would share some new insight I have. Normally we aren’t bothered by flea and tick season, but this year is particularly bad.


I went to the store and bought Hartz. They were out of frontline unfortunately. I will never buy Hartz again. My dogs skin flaked, hair fell out, and there were still a lot of ticks.

I spoke with my vets office and they told me the dangers of using this product. So I waited two weeks and applied frontline. Here are some tips I can provide.

When applying frontline, its important to do so every month over the summer months, and once every three months the rest of the year. If there is a tick on your dog, Grab it with tweezers and gently pull until it backs out. Try to grab it by the head.If the head is embedded, call your vet. Watch your dog for illness over the next few days. Make sure you wash your hands and do not allow your kids to touch your dog after applying this product.

Did you know that frontline has to soak into the dogs skin and spread throughout their body to work? Did you know that its a chemical that is in your dogs system that kills the flea? Did you also know that it is dangerous for you to touch? Right on the package it says so. That made me a little more cautious. Since I recently moved to the south, I asked my new vet what he liked and he suggested Cloud Star products. Its a shampoo, conditioner and spritzer. They actually REPEL the fleas and ticks. I called the company to ask for more information – they were so helpful – and answered all my questions. They said there are no chemicals in the product, only natural things that will repel bugs. If a flea or tick lands, they said it will help to prevent egg laying.

Finally – and this is what sold me – she said it was safe enough to use the spray on my KIDS! Wow! that is safe. If you want to order your own, you can purchase a set of the products for under $20. We actually use the spritzer to avoid mosquitos on the whole family. It works really well!

Author: Amy Dunphy

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