Honest Kitchen Dehydrated Raw Dog Food

Raw Diets, BARF, All natural dog food – its been debated everywhere on the internet with dog owners. Everyone wants to feed their dog the best food, but how do you know what it is? There are tons of articles debating that point. My personal opinion is that natural has to be the best. After all there are no ovens in the wild right?


I always wanted to feed BARF (Bones and raw food diet) but thought it was too much work. I looked into the patties, but it is very expensive and you have to have the freezer space.

Suddenly I stumbled upon the Honest Kitchen. It is a raw dog food that is actually dehydrated. It has all the important nutrients and is balanced out so you really can’t mess it up. You can even add things to it if you like.

I immediately purchased a bag to try it out. The smell is a bit powerful at first, but boy do my dogs love this food. Here are the benefits that we have seen using The Honest Kitchen raw dog food.

My overweight dog with thyroid problems is much more energetic and has lost weight

My dog with brittle nails has solid hard nails for the first time in his life Their breath is SO much better now

With the latest dog food recalls, we encourage you to try a new dog food that is healthy for your dog or puppy. There are many brands we recommend such as wellness, Innova, California Natural and other high quality dog foods

Author: Amy Dunphy

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