Teaching Right Turns

I dont normally write about competition level dog obedience but since we are currently showing for our CD (AKC title for Companion Dog) I thought I would write about a problem we are having.


Nitro is a lagger, normally it isn’t too bad but on right turns he is abnormally slow. Here are a few tricks I learned off a great email list for competition obedience

1) walk in a wide circle rewarding when the dog is in the right position (keeping the dog on the inside)
2) toss treats on turns straight out ahead, repeat this a few times then the last time don’t toss but reward in position
3) turn then run

The point is to speed up the dog as much as possible and reward for the best position. I’m also starting to teach full circles instead of just turning. Rally Obedience is a great sport and I highly recommend it to clean up laggers / forgers!

Happy dog training!

Author: Amy Dunphy

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