Barking Dogs

I remember when we got our little Nitro, he was so quiet. Every once in a while he would look at us and randomly bark. It was so cute and we would just laugh.


I had two large Chessies that would bark their faces off everytime someone came over, so I was determined not to let Nitro bark at people. Our two chessies passed and Nitro still never learned to bark, then one day, it started.

Our doorbell rings, and he mad rushes to the door barking. As friendly as he is, a large barking dog isn’t welcoming for friends coming over. Its time to stop the madness. A while back a new tool came out called the manners minder. You basically teach the dog to lay down on a mat and then you can reward them on the mat using the manners minder and a little remote. I’m sure that Nitro will love this training tool – since he loves food. My family will be happy that we no longer have barking dogs. Teaching a dog not to bark at the doorbell is easy with this tool.

Try one out yourself, it even comes with a training guide

Author: Amy Dunphy

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