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Archive for June, 2009

Dog Training in June

We’ve had more rain this year than any other year on the eastern side of the US.  My lab is getting BORED.  We are lucky that we have a few options around such as daycare, play dates with friends and so forth. I noticed yesterday he was scrounging the yard and house picking up everything he could bring us so I embarked on two new things for him.

First I took him upstairs in our hallway and got out an old pair of socks (the tennis balls were all soggy).  I threw it down the hallway and off he ran retrieving.  There are a few basic behaviors you can teach here – sit, stay and a release word.  The simple way to teach it is to hold on to their collar, and when they sit,release them to go fetch. Granted, Nitro is a retriever so he likes to fetch.  If you have a dog that isn’t into fetching but likes to chase, make sure you have two identical items and you can get them to come back to you. You can toss the one you have in the air or throw it in the opposite direction.

The second thing I did was get an awesome merrick bone. I dont like rawhides -they can be dangerous. Nitro spent the morning chewing on it and enjoying it, it wore him out.  My other favorite is the dear antlers which you can buy online.  I prefer to buy these from pet expertise – they have great service.  You can also check out the bully sticks!

Enjoy summer!