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Archive for May, 2009

Puppy Training and Socialization

Summer is coming,and so are those new puppies. When I talk about socialization, most of the time I am referring to introducing your puppy to new things they have never met before. This article is going to specifically talk about how to let your dog meet other dogs.

Lets imagine you are out on a walk and your puppy sees a friend. He starts pulling, barking and jumping.  Lets equate that to a childs tantrum at the toy store.  If your kid did that, you probably would  not give them the toy. Do the same for your dog – if you act up, we wont say hi.  This is a good dog training technique – its setting boundaries. If your dog is behaving, you can let the other dog approach.

Here are the steps to follow.

1)  Ask permission – not all dogs are friendly, and not all dogs like puppies.

2) Set boundaries, if your dog mis behaves (mostly pulling and barking) walk away from the other dog.

3) If your dog behaves, say “lets go say hi” and let them greet

4) Keep your leashes loose, but hold on to them.  You dont want your puppy play run away.

5) Interrupt them periodically and let them play again, this will help teach your dog to come even when they are playing with friends.

6) If it starts to get too wild, they should probably stop playing.

Too many times owners of new puppies are scared to let their dog meet other big dogs.  Make sure you introduce them to a mix of sizes, breeds and ages. I prefer to have puppies interact  with older  dogs rather than puppies.  Puppies often have rude behavior during play and need to learn appropriate skills from  older dogs.

Happy puppy training!