Exercising your dog

Its official. Spring is upon us.  I see more people out running with their dogs than at any other time in the year.   Whats funny is, people work up to working out or they go on the tread mill. They keep in shape, all year round, or they work up to it.


I remember several years ago my husband wanted to go hiking with my dog.  I begged him to condition him first, but no, he said he wouldn’t push him. When  they got home from their however many mile hike, poor Dakota couldn’t even lift his leg to pee!  His pads were torn,he was a mess!

If you are going to exercise with your dog, treat them like yourself, and work up to it.  Personally I walk / run with my dogs when they are full grown.  If its hot, we go late at night or early in the morning.  If its nice out, I let them  take sniff breaks.  I bring water when I can and let them have some.  Take it slow and pay attention to your dog, they know what they are feeling!

Author: Amy Dunphy

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