New puppy socialization information

Here are some more great puppy socialization ideas.  We already talked about sitting and meeting new people, lets think outside the box!


  1. Have your puppy do just that, play with a box!
  2. Walk on a wooden floor.
  3. Walk on a plastic floor.
  4. Step on a trash bag.
  5. Sit on a table (like at the vets office)
  6. Get in the bath tub – no water just yet! Or maybe just a tad warm water for fun.
  7. Walk on gravel.

Get the idea? Getting your puppy to walk on a variety of textures helps their brains develop and learn to overcome fear.  If your puppy is nervous, don’t just push them on the item. See if you can use your treats to get them to follow it. Try to make them comfortable and relax.  Its very important to go at your puppies pace.

My favorite all time obstacle here is the buja board. Don’t worry – it isn’t something you use to summon spirits 🙂 You put a board on the floor and slowly raise the height so it wobbles a bit.  I like to use a mat I can fold up to make it more wobbly.  Remember, go slow, take it easy and help your puppy have fun!

Happy puppy training.

Author: Amy Dunphy

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