Going to the vet!

I found out about a week ago my dog had an impacted anal gland.  If you are unsure what that is, let me just say its nasty.  Regardless, it was something we wanted fixed asap.  So we went to the vet,got some meds and one week later we have to go back. My dog Dakota is a bit stressy about the vets office. He gets anxious, whines, ears back and is just plain nervous.  I blame myself for his experience.


My younger dog,Nitro, goes to the vet relaxed, happy and thrilled someone is going to pet him and talk to him.  Two very different dogs in the same circumstance.  Now granted they are different dogs altogether (different personalities) but their experiences don’t have to be so different.

With Nitro I made a point to make his experience at the vet a very fun positive one.  We stopped in, said hello, got cookies, let him say hi to dogs in the office – all things he loves.  I assumed when  he was neutered it would be the end to the fun for him.  I even considered neutering him at a different vets office.  It didn’t  phase him a bit.  I  just continued on with my socialization at the vets office and today, they love having him come in.

Here are a few ideas that help a pup relax at the vets.

  1. Stop in and just say hi, and hang out for a bit
  2. Bring  extra special treats.
  3. Stay low key and try to relax when you are there.
  4. Exercise  your dog ahead of time.
  5. Ask if  the vet can give the  pup some treats and just say hi before doing any of that scary stuff.

Happy dog training!

Author: Amy Dunphy

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