Christmas Dogs

The phone calls are starting to come in, we got a puppy for Christmas, now what?  The novelty wears off quickly and you realize that you have just that – a new puppy.  Puppies are hard work!  I  remember when we brought home Nitro, as a dog trainer I knew what to do, but I forgot how much time and attention it all requires.


So, if you have a new Christmas puppy, and are confused about where to start, there are three main things to focus on.

  1. Socialization – keep everything positive and fun.  If your pup backs up, licks his lips, yawns, shakes off – those are signs of stress.  Use things he likes to make things fun – try food (cheerios are great) or toys. Petting can sometimes make the situation worse.
  2. House training – keep an eye on your pup!  Depending on his age and size, I would start with potty breaks every 20 minutes.  House training a new  puppy can  be hard if done improperly.  Read this article for the best way to  house train a dog
  3. Watch your puppy!  When you follow your puppy everywhere, he is acting as the leader.  Teach your puppy to follow you.  Either keep a leash tethered to him or constantly be calling him to go with you – of course rewarding him as he comes.  Do not let your pup in unsupervised rooms.

Lastly and most importantly – start looking for  a puppy preschool. Puppy preschools are meant for socialization and fun, not obedience.  If you are looking for someone qualified,  visit the Dog Trainer Search Dog Training Directory – all of these trainers are qualified professionals.

Author: Amy Dunphy

1 thought on “Christmas Dogs

  1. Hi Could not agree more
    My additional thoughts are that any pet bought as a present for someone you dont live with is a big no no.
    As they say a pet is for Life and just not for Christmas.

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